Adopted February 21, 1987

Amended May 16, 1992, March 15, 1997, September 20, 1997, June 19, 2004 and September 20, 2008.


The name of this organization is the SILICON VALLEY COUNCIL OF THE BLIND.


The purposes of this organization are as follows:

2.1. To provide a forum for the blind community in the "Silicon Valley" area to discuss and take action upon timely and relevant issues of concern to them;

2.2. To awaken the public to the fact that blind individuals are an integral part of the community, that they have abilities and accomplishments as well as special needs, and that they want opportunities in all areas to be contributing members of society;

2.3. To enhance blind persons' awareness of their potential, their rights, and their responsibilities to themselves and to society;

2.4. To cooperate with other organizations in the development of model systems and services that make possible the use of computer technology to enhance the productivity and the quality of life for blind people;

2.5. To participate in community affairs and activities to promote programs for the welfare of blind and other persons;

2.6. And to be affiliated with the California Council of the Blind, and through it, with the American Council of the Blind, participating fully in those organizations and the achievement of their goals.


Section 3.1. Any person who is at least 16 years of age and who currently lives in California is eligible for membership in this organization.

Section 3.2. A majority of the membership of the organization must consist of legally blind persons.

Section 3.3. All members must pay annual dues to this organization. Amount and manner of payment of dues will be prescribed in the Bylaws. If a member fails to pay dues in the amount and manner specified by the Bylaws, that member ceases to be in good standing. The payment of dues immediately and automatically returns a member to good standing.

Section 3.4. Any member in good standing has the right to vote at any membership meeting of the organization and all other rights and privileges of membership as provided in this Constitution and in the Bylaws.

Section 3.5. The Board of Directors or the Membership has the authority on majority vote to censure, suspend — or on 2/3 vote to expel a member for the following:

3.5.1. Failure to conduct him/herself according to the rules of the organization in meetings, and between meetings when involved in organization activities.

3.5.2. Unauthorized actions by the member on behalf of the organization.

3.5.3. Harassment of, threats to, or other abusive behavior to members of the organization.

3.5.4. Mis-use of confidential information including dissemination to non-members.

3.5.5. Physical acts of violence against members or non-members which can be verified by trusted witnesses.


Section 4.1. The Board of Directors of this organization is composed of five (5) Officers and three (3) Directors and the immediate past President.

The Officers are President, Vice President, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary and Treasurer. Any current member in good standing is eligible for election to the Board of Directors except that the President, the Vice President and a majority of the Board must be legally blind.

Section 4.2. Each Officer shall serve for a one-year term. No person may serve more than four (4) consecutive terms in the same office. The Directors shall serve two-year terms and may not serve more than three(3) consecutive terms of office in this position.

Section 4.3. The duties of each officer shall be those usually ascribed to the position, as well as any duties which may be prescribed by this Constitution or by the Bylaws.

Section 4.4. The Board of Directors shall meet at the call of the President or at the written call of any four of the other Board members. The Board shall act for the organization between membership meetings in a manner consistent with the policies set by the general membership.

Section 4.5. When any vacancy occurs on the Board of Directors it shall be filled by election at the next regular meeting of the membership. The person elected to fill the vacancy shall serve for the remainder of the term created by the vacancy. This partial term shall not be counted toward the maximum number of terms he/she may serve.

Section 4.6. Officers and Directors shall be elected at the November meeting in the year immediately preceding the year in which their term commences. The terms of officers and directors shall commence January 1 of the year and term for which they were elected.


Section 5.1. The Regular Meetings of this organization shall be held on a monthly basis at least four (4) times annually. Written notice of Regular Meetings must be provided to the membership at least ten (10) days before the meeting. This communication must contain a preliminary agenda and any Constitutional Amendments that will be considered at the meeting. Publication in a newsletter of the organization shall be considered adequate notice. The notice provision of this section may be suspended for a single meeting by a two-thirds vote at that meeting.

Section 5.2. The first regularly scheduled meeting of each calendar year shall be designated as the Annual Meeting. At this meeting, major annual business, other than elections, will be conducted.

Section 5.3. A special meeting of the organization may be called by the President or by one-third of the membership. A five (5) day notice of the time and place must be given to the membership. Oral or written notice is considered adequate. The notice provision of this section may be suspended for a single meeting by a two-thirds vote at that meeting.

Section 5.4: At least 20% of the paid membership must be present and voting at all general meetings to constitute a quorum to transact council business.


Section 6.1. Amendments to this Constitution may be made after being presented at a Regular Meeting of the membership and after meeting the notice requirements set forth in Article V, Section 1. A two-thirds vote of the members present and voting at the next Regular Meeting shall be required for adoption. A copy of all amendments to this Constitution shall be forwarded by the corresponding Secretary to the State office of the California Council of the Blind.

Section 6.2. Bylaws may be established and amended at any Regular Meeting after notice is given as a part of the notice of the Meeting. A majority vote of those present and voting shall be required to establish or amend the Bylaws. Such Bylaws and any amendments thereto shall be forwarded to the CCB Office by the Corresponding Secretary.


Any parliamentary situation not covered by this Constitution or by the Constitutions and/or Bylaws of the California Council of the Blind or the American Council of the Blind shall be governed by the latest edition of Robert's Rules of Order.


The property of this organization is irrevocably dedicated to charitable purposes and in the event of liquidation, dissolution or abandonment of this organization, after providing for the debts and the obligations thereof, the remaining assets will not inure to the benefit of any private person, but will be dispersed to the California Council of the Blind, to the American Council of the Blind, or to another organization with similar or identical goals and legal status, in that order of preference