Blind Interest Resource Directory

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Blind Interest Resource Directory also known as BIRD consists of approximately 500 URLs and phone numbers of places and services of interest to the blind and visually impaired community. Beginning with Arts and Entertainment such as described movies, reading materials in several medias, the Bird also includes catalogs and recreation, and includes sources of blind skills training, technology and advocacy. It is updated each year by the Health Library staff at Vista Center.    

BIRD 2018 (MS Word)

Table of Contents


1.1  Live Theater with Audio Description

AudioVision 408-265-2203

TheatreWorks box office  650-493-1960

Description: The Visual Voice  650-336-5723

1.2  Movies, TV, Audio Description DVD

Apple TV Apple TV   

The Audio Description Project  202-467-5083

Blue Rose Videos (closed 2016; duplicate videos from

Cinema - call theatre for movies with video description schedule

Described TV Listings AV Index  800-232-5463

Fire TV with Alexa Voice Remote

Movies for the Blind  subscription

Museums with accessible programs

Narrative TV Network  free for blind  800-801-8184

Netflix some audio description  DVD smart phone, smart TV, computer 

Newsline  National Foundation of the Blind (NFB) free  Application  410-67-659-9314; News by phone  888-882-1629  Described TV listings  866-504-7300    

San Mateo County Library audiobooks/  

Santa Clara County Library 800-286-1991

Smith-Kettlewell Video Description Research & Development Center  415-345-2113

1.3  Music  

Dancing Dots brl & low vision music tech

Finale Music software midi, scan computer  keyboard 800-843-2066

Music for the Blind  learn by ear Bill Brown sale CD, tape; piano, flute, guitar  888-778-1828

Musopen  free music downloads

National Library Service for Blind-Music  (NLS) instruction audio, LPrint,braille  800-424-8567 

National Resource Center for Blind Musicians  tech demos, resource list  203-366-3300

Ocutech - Vision Enhance Systems bioptic telescope for music  800-326-6460

Large Print Music software print to ipad, android, Mac/Windows

Sheet Music Plus  800-745-3868 

1.4  Radio, Phone, Podcasts

ACB Radio 6 streams  231-460-1047  

AIRS-LA: Internet Reading Service

As I See It

Blind readers service news sports 88.3 FM web  

Cool Blind Tech  subscribe email, iphone+

Eyes on Success subscription  podcasts re blindness

Helping Hands for the Blind 818-341-8217  links   •Old Time Radio

Lets Talk Low Vision with Dr. Bill  712 432-6100  

Radio Lab Podcasts 

Radio Look-Up - online radio streams podcast, legend oldies  800-693-0595

1.5 Reading Materials in Alternate Media

Audio Editions sale –CD, tape, books  800-231-4261

Books Aloud free  408-808-2613

Bookshare  Accessible Online Library students free  or fee 650-352-0198   see 1.8

Choice Magazine Listening free 888-724-6423 

Consumer Vision blindness donations  508-994-         4972 

Newsreel Magazine donations blindness  mp3, cassette, NLS cartridge CD  888-723-8737

1.6 Large Print

American Printing House for the Blind (APH) (text books +)  800-223-1839

DoubleDay L Print 716-250-5700;

NY Times LP Edition  800-631-2580

Random House LP and Audio Books on site e mail

Reader's Digest LP  877 732-4438

1.7 Multiple Media

American Printing House for the Blind (APH)  Book Pott 800-223-1839

BARD- Braille & Audio Reading materials Free (download, cartridge reader) 888-657-7323

Bookshare 650-352-0198

Bookshare reading tools (tablet/smart phones-- extensive)

CA Braille & Talking Book Library (free)

Dialog Magazine, BlindSkills Inc (fee LP,  cartridge, brl, cassette, or em)  800-860-4224

Learning Ally text books+ (fee, students, adults)      

Library of Congress Nat Lib Serv  (free) 888-657-7323  

Listen Factor (movie sound tracks +) /

Public Libraries- see San Mateo and Santa Clara County libs

Librivox  (free public domain audio books)

Read How You Want (sale, LP, brl, daisy) 800-797-9277  

Victor Reader Stream2 book reader wifi 800-722-3393 


2.1  Agencies and Associations

American Association of People with Disabilities 800-840-8844

American Foundation for the Blind (AFB)

California Deafblind Services  415-405-7558, TTY: 415-405-7560

Disability Rights CA 800-776-5746

National Consortium on Deaf-Blindness (NCDB) 

Silicon Valley Independent Living Center (SVILC) 

Through the Looking Glass 800-644-2666

2.2  Membership Organizations

American Association of the Deaf-Blind

American Council of the Blind (ACB) 

Blinded Veterans Association 800-669-7079

CA Council of the Blind (CCB) 800-221-6359

CA Council of Citizens with Low Vision (CCCLV) 
650-969-3155; 800-733-2258  

ACB Diabetes in Action (ACB DIA) Dee Clayton, President 515 848-5007

Disabled Parenting Project

HandiHams (Ham Radio for disabled)

National Federation of the Blind (NFB)

Silicon Valley Council of the Blind (SVCB) 

2.3  Disability Law

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Technical Assistance section 800-514-0301; 800-514-0383 (TTY)

Center for Disability Access  800-383-7027

Dale Law Firm (serves disabled) 

Disability Rights Advocates (DRA)

Disability Rights Education & Defense Fund (DREDF)  510-644-2555; 800-348-4232 (TTY)

Disability Rights Legal Center (DRLC)

Jobs Accommodation Network(JAN) 866-633-7365

Law Office-Lainey Feingold (disability civil rights) 510-548-5062

Celia McGuinness, Esq. Derby, McGuinness & Goldsmith, LLP 510-987-8778 ext 102


3.1 Braille literacy, products see category 4

APH American Printing House for the Blind  800- 223-1839

Brailleback  Android screen reader - phones and tablets

Braille Superstore  software and Braille Supplies  800-987-1231

Braille & Talking Book Library CA (free) 800-952-5666

Braille Transcription Project of Santa Clara County (loan brl books, brailler repair) 408-298-4468

National Braille Press (NBP) (produce/sell books)

Seedlings Braille Books for Children (brl/print)  800-777-8552

Shadows in the Dark (services, brl cards)

SF Brl and Talking Book Library  415- 557-4400

3.2  Braille Production/Transcription

American Printing House for the Blind (APH)  800-223-1839

American Thermoform Corp. (embossers, paper, software) 800-331-3676

Braille Plus (transcription, l print, audio..)

Cat's Meow Braille Transcription (menus, crosswrd puzzles) 316 619-4750

Sterling Adaptives (brl displays, scanners, OCR.)


4.1 Computer Access

ABiSee, Inc. Eye Pal (scaner/read) 800-444-4443

BrailleNote Touch  Humanware 800 722-3393

BrailleSense Polaris HIMS 888-520-4467

Cobra Baum 855-620-7985

Jordy DaVinci. 888-811-3161

Dolphin Guide, Easy Reader 866-797-5921

Jaws Freedom Scientific 800-444-4443   VFO

NVDA (NonVisual Desktop Access) Free        download

Orbit Reader 20  APH 800 223-1839

RL & Assoc (service/systems) 866-339-1180

System Access  Free 866-202-0520

Talkback & Brailleback - Android screen readers  phones & tablets  Google

VoiceOver - Apple Inc 877-204-3930

ZoomText AiSquared  800-444-4443 VFO

4.2  Environmental GPS 

APPs include : Blind Square,  Seeing Eye GPS XT 
NearBy Explorer, LowViz Guide – Indoor Navigation

AIRA glasses  subscription  camera, trained agents  information   

Sunu Band sonar/ haptic find gaps, avoid upper body accidents

Victor Reader Trek  talking GPS and book player

VisionEdge Jasper Ridge  LED glasses

4.3 Magnification

eSight Technology glasses  323-500-0078

Irisvision head set  855 207-6665

Low Vision Store  888-216-1912 800-541-7903

MATT ed tablet distance viewer  APH/Humanware   

Merlin Enhanced Vision  888-811-3161    
MonoMouse buy/rent 800-985-0535


Nova Dolphin 866-797-5921

Zoomtext Aisquared 800-444-4443

4.4 Multiple Categories

AFB Product List: (sort by task, category)

Blind Bargains Daily Deals News, Podcasts  

Blind Mice Mega Mall  713-893-7277

Blind Treasures email auction list 

Flying Blind (tech newsletter)

Speak to Me Catalog (talking gifts etc) 800-248-9965

Tech Access Weekly

Top Dot Enterprises (tech letter) 425-296-1744

Vision Aware (resources/products/services)

4.5 OCR- Optical Character Recognition  

APPs: Capti Voice, Learning Ally Link, Narrator, Speech Central;  Android free Go Read; iOS and Mac free iBooks: Voice Dream Reader iOS or Android

DocuScan Plus (low-cost) 866-202-0520

KNFB Reader  App Store - iTunes - Apple

KNFB Reader - Android Google Play

Kurzweil Products  800-894-5374

Oehm Electronics (Optacon)  408-971-6250

Orcam MyEye glasses  866-976-7226

Pearl/Open Book  800-444-4443

Seeing Ai- Microsoft free app; iPhone reads text, identifies bar codes    artificial intelligence

4.6 Sources

Access Ingenuity (services/products)  877-579-4380

American Printing House APH  800 223-1839

Android smart phones  

Apple APPs

Apple iphone, TV 877-204-3930

CA Telephone Access Prog (CTAP) Free  special needs phones   800-806-1191

Enhanced Vision 888-811-3161

Freedom Scientific (Jaws) 800-444-4443

Great Call (Jitterbug)   800-918-8543

Lighthouse SF  415-431-1481

Innovative Rehab Tech Inc. (IRTI) (customized computers)  800-322-4784

Microsoft 800-936-5900 help

NFB Independence Market Place 410-659-9314

Oregon Commission for the Blind (OCB)  888-202-5463

Sendero Group (GPS) 888-757-6810

Society for Blind Store 916-452-8271

Sterling Adaptives (services/products)  415-878-2922

Vista Center Store 650-858-0202; 800-660-2009;

VFO "The world’s leading assistive technology provider for the visually impaired"   (ABiSee, AiSquared, Freedom Scientific, Optelec), 727-803-8000

4.7 Support

AIRA glasses  subscription  camera, trained agents  information   

Amazon 877-477-3527

Apple Accessibility Hotline 877-204-3930 
Apple Vis community driven web site

AT&T Customer Service for People with Vision Loss 866-241-6568

Be My Eyes App connect to sighted volunteers   ios and android

Comcast XFINITY Accessibility Center  866-668-6703   


Microsoft Accessibility Desk  800-936-5900 accessibility/disability-answer-desk

National Help Desk (Assist Tech)

Sprint Customer Service for People with Vision Loss  855-885-7568

TapTapSee App

Verizon National Accessibility Customer Service Center  888-262-1999  *611-wireless

4.8 DAILY LIVING AIDS; canes, clocks, kitchen tools, lights, closet, writing  

APPS include: Aipoly Vision  IDs objects, text, money colors; All Access scans/reads photos, menus; Braille Tutor free; Color ID Free; Digit-Eyes bar code reader; IDentifi object and text

Ambutech canes  800-561-3340

Annies knit, quilt  800 582-6643

Bay Area Digital (800) 342-5632

Blind Independence Diabetes Group (BID) testing supplies)  866-351-6809  

Independent Living Aids (ILA)  800-537-2118

LS&S  800-468-4789

Maxi Aids  800-522-6294

Revolution Enterprises  canes (repairs +) 800-382-5132

Stitch in Time 713-893-7277 shop/Directory_Departments?storeid=1890275    


5.1  Distance Learning

AFB Braille Bug

AFB Free tutorials (NVDA + )

Access Tech Institute

American Printing House  (APH) (Instruction +) 800-223-1839

Bioptic Training USA  317- 844-0919

Carroll Tech

Cisco Academy for the Vision Impaired (tech)

Ears for Eyes  free audio lessons independent living-resource list  800-843-6816

Mystic Access  free and fee podcast tutorials 

Perkins  Paths to Technology

Phone training-Windows/Apple

5.2  Local Specialized Blind Skills Training

Adaptive Technology Services- customized training 866-564-6650

Bioptic instruct Apex Drive School 415-267-6118

Center Vision Enhance (COVE) 209-722-8118

East Bay Center for the Blind 510-843-6935

Earle Baum Center  707-523-3222

Hatlen Center (Living Skills) 510-234-4984

Helen Keller National Center for Deaf-Blind Youths and Adults  516-944-8900

Lighthouse of SF 415-694-7322

Orientation Center for Blind (OCB)

 Santa Clara Valley Blind Center 408-295-4016

Valley Center for Blind, Fresno 559-222-4447

Vision Impaired Persons Support 209 522-8477

Vista Center Palo Alto 650-858-0202  800-660-2009 ; Santa Cruz 831-458-9766
Santa Clara Valley Blind Center 408-295-4016

Western Blind Rehab Center (WBRC) VA Palo
Alto 650-614-9952  

5.3 Dog Guide Schools and Organizations

Guide Dogs for the Blind San Rafael  800-295-4050

Guide Dogs of Amer Sylmar 818-362-5834

Guide Dogs of Desert International  888-883-0022

Guide Dog Users Inc (GDUI)  866-799-8436

5.4  Dog Guide - Products & Services

American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists (ACVO) free service animal eye exam

Doctors Foster & Smith 800-381-7179

Doggie Walk Bags (odorless)  877-364-2247

Doodle Scoopers  877-766-7911

Handiworks products for special needs
 800 381-7753


Diabetics in Action Diabetics in Action  Dee Clayton, President 515- 848-5007

Lebers Congenital Amaurosis (LCA)

Low Vision Gateway- Resource Links 317-844-0919

Magnets & Ladders (writers with disabilities)

RP International 818-992-0500

Sight and Sound Impaired Committee (SASI)  Karyn Campbell, Chair  630-469-0545 (server default/future site for sasi)

Senior Center without Walls  (phone based activities) 877-797-7299

Starkey Hearing Foundation (Hearing Aid Assistance)  888-251-9340  800-328-8602

Vision Aware (AFB) (coping with vision loss)


Baseball: National Beep Baseball Association 

Bay Area Climbers

Bay Area Outreach Recreation Program           
(BORP) (sports, outings,)  510-849-4663 

Birding: Birds Themselves NHEST Inc. 207-327-145

Bowling: American Blind Bowling Association        President Robert McDonald 773 255-3121 

Camping: American Camp Associatio (special 
needs) ; 
Camp Costanoan 408-867-1115; 
Camp Krem  831 338-3210;  
Enchanted Hills for Blind  415-431-1481 

Chess: US Braille Chess Association

Dancing:  AXIS Dance Co.510 625-0110

Fishing License: CA Department of Fish & 
Wildlife (free - proof of blindness)  916-928-5805

7-128 Software Games ;
Driftwood Audio Entertainment

Goalball: USA Goalball 330-475-6023

Horseback Riding:  
Bay Area Equestrian Network  800-943-8883 ;

Westwind 4H Riding for the Handicapped
650- 947‑8680

Kayak-Surf-Water Ski-Rafting:  
Disabled Sports USA Far West 301-217-0960 ;

Environmental Traveling Companions 
415-474-7662 ;

Visions  510-240-2229

Wilderness Inquiry  800-728-0719
Martial Arts:  Blind Judo Foundation

Nature for the blind Braille Trail      redirectory

Adaptive Sailing Program-Treasure Island 415-421 2225

BayArea Association Disabled Sailors 

California Inclusive Sailing 650-441-0555   

Snow Skiing: 
Discovery Blind Sports-Tahoe  209-258-2233

Heavenly Mt Ski Resort  800-432-8365

Ski for Light 618-827-3232 
Sierra Regional Ski for Light

Tandem Bicycling:  
Tandem Bicycling Yosemite     Lodg  801.559.4884

  US Blind Tandem Bikers Connection 310-455-1954

US Association of Blind Athletes

US Blind Golfers Association (USGA)     

Nancy Yamello  408 374 2672 

Saratoga recreation Center

Lighthouse for Blind and Visually Impaired   415-431-1481


8.1  Sources of Funds

San Francisco CCB Grant (Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, SF, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Solano, Sonoma counties ) Charlie Dorris 415-775-0487

Assistive Tech Fund Association of Blind Citizens (income requirements)  

Barbara Rhodes Adaptive Technology Grant (Santa Clara, San Mateo, Santa Cruz, & San Benito counties)  888-652-5333

CA Council of Blind (CCB) (crises, scholarships +) 

Council of Citizens with Low Vision International (CCLVI) (scholarships)  844-460-0625

FreedomTech low-interest loans  CA Depart Ed, Rehab funding  916-737-5358  916-325-1695 TTY        
Patricia LaFrance-Wolf Memorial Fund to Assist People with Diabetes  apply to: ACB Diabetics in Action c/o American Council of the Blind 1703 N. Beauregard St.Suite 420 Alexandria, VA 22311

8.2  Low cost/ free equipment, education

Android: (free) Google Play.

CA Braille & Talking Book Library (free player,  book cartridges)  800-952-5666

CA National Deaf-blind Equipment Distribution Program  Apply  858- 578-1600 /TTY

College Resources for Students with Disabilities

Computers For The Blind Texas  (refurbished computers/talking typing prog) 214-340-6328

DocuScan Plus (low-cost OCR) 866-202-0520

ICanConnect  Nat Deaf-Blind Equipment Distribution Program)800-825-4595 TTY 888-320-2656 
Hadley School for Blind free, high school, adult ed, professionals  800-323-4238

NVDA (NonVisual Desktop Access) free screen reader download

Open Office download, user mail list

RoboBraille  convert text online to brl, audio, multi languages)

SystemAccess to Go OCR, screen reader support 866-202-0520

Thunder Screen Reader

8.3 Accessible Prescriptions  audio reader device; braille; large print on request.

Aetna Rx Home Delivery  800-262-2226
Caremark Mail Order 800-552-8159

CVS (mail order scriptalk) 888-861-4363
En-Vision America  800-890-1180 

Humana Pharmacy  800-379-0092

Kaiser Northern CA  (Script talk request via primary MD)  888-218-6245

Kohll's Pharmacy  402-393-1404
OptumRx  855-475-5088

Rite Aid Los Altos  408-774-0134
Rite Aid San Mateo 650-570-6094
Rite Aid San Jose 408-379-6570

ScripTalk Pharmacies  Mail Order US list

Walgreens (in store ask for talking prescription bottles) Walgreens Rx -should be free
Walmart Mail Order  888-227-3403
Walmart - Mountain View  650-917-0878

8.4 Financial Assistance for Eye & Medical Care and Prescription Costs

EyeCare America (free) 877-887-6327

Eyes for Needy (eyeglass vouchers)

HealthWell Foundation  AMD RX copay/ eligibility  800-675-8416

Kaiser Medical Financial Assistance Program  (MFA) 866-399-7696

Lions Clubs International (resources - support) 630-571-5466

Medicare Benefit (eye exams)  800-633-4227

NeedyMeds 800-503-6897

Operation Access  (medical care for uninsured) San Mateo, Santa Clara Counties 415-733-0052

Pan Foundation (critical medical RX) 866-316-7263

Partnership for Rx Assist Prog (drug company partners + search for low cost clinics)  

RX Assist (data base) 877-537-5537

Santa Clara County HICAP (health insurance counseling ) 408-350-3200

San Mateo County HICAP office Self Help for the Elderly  650 627-9350

Sight for Students  financial guidelines

Together Rx Access 800-444-4106

Vision USA  800-766-4466


9.1  Local Transportation

511 Transit information Dial 511

Avenidas Door to Door Palo Alto 650-289-5411 fee per distance, Mon- Fri partnership with Lyft

Caltrain  800-660-4287

Get Up & Go San Mateo County  fee, Mon, Tue, Thur, Fri  650-378-2750

Go Go Grandparent transport      855-464-6872 Fee  24/7 operators

Mountain View Community Shuttle free 855-730-7433

Little House San Mateo County Medical and Dental Rides 650-326-0665 or 650-272-5040  partnership with Lyft

Lyft via smart phone app 

Menlo Park Shuttle 650-330-6600  free

Marguerite Shuttle Stanford free 650-724-9339

Palo Alto Shuttle 650-329-2520 free

Redi Wheels paratransit San Mateo County 
650-366-4856  eligibility;650-348-8112 book ride ; 650-482-9350-late vehicle 

RoadRunners El Camino Hospital fee per distance; 650-940-7016  partnership with Lyft

SamTrans San Mateo County 800-660-4287

Uber  via smart phone app

Valley Transit Authority (VTA) Santa Clara County  800-894-9908

VTA Access paratransit Santa Clara County

Yellow Cab Santa Clara County (+ Menlo Park) 650-999-9999 
Yellow Cab, San Mateo  650-637-1234 
9.2  General Travel

AMTRAK 800-872-7245

Damar Travel & Cruise 800-999-6101

Dimensions in Travel  800-828-2962

Magellan's Travel Supplies  888-450-7714

Minds Eye Travel blind/vip focus  207-542-4438

Travelers with Disabilities and Medical Conditions  

10  Vision Research, Info, Treatment

10.1 Research and Information

BrightFocus Foundation  855-345-6647

Center-Assistive Technology & Environmental Access (CATEA) 404-894-4960

Foundation Fighting Blindness (FFB) 

Glaucoma Research Foundation

Health Library at Vista Center; Stanford Hospital Health Library affiliate  free health info L print, email, braille, E-research updates  650-858-0202 
800-660-2009 ext. 132

Macular Degeneration Partnership 


National Eye Institute


10.2 Vision Research and Treatment

Byers Eye Institute, Stanford  650 723-6995

Doheny Eye Institute 844 DOHENY-EYE

UCLA Stein Eye Institute & Doheny Eye Institute

UCSF Ophthmology institutes   415-353-2800

Wilmer Eye Institute,  Johns Hopkins 800-215-6467


11.1 Appliances-Manufacturers

GE Answer Center  (braille Kits) 800-626-2005

Maytag 800-344-1274

Sears  800-697-3277  800-838-8860

Whirlpool 866-698-2538

11.2  Miscellaneous Accessibility Services

Amazon phone line  888-283-1678]

Business Ideas For People With Disabilities

CA Secretary of State; Voter hotline: 800-345-VOTE (8683); (800) 232-VOTA (8682) español /Spanish; TTY/TDD: 800-833-8683 Eng;

DMV Disabled Person Placard 800-777-0133; TTY 1-800-368-4327;

Directions for Me (on pakage:food, garden etc) 800-318-2000

Internet Speech email by phone  408-532-8460

Mobile Voting Service San Mateo County  (650) 312-5222 or

National Do Not Call Registry 888-382-1222

Smart Voter see Voters Edge below

Smithsonian Accessibility Program

Suicide Prevention & Crisis Hotlines 24/7 
855-278-4204 SClara County; National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 800-273-8255

The Great Courses science, history, DVD, CD,  downloads) 800-832-2412

Voters Edge California  English and Espanol 
U.S. Currency Reader Program  iBill Talking Banknote Identifier  free  844-815-9388

11.3 Food Online, Phone

Amazon Fresh, Pantry, Gourmet Foods 877-477-3527

Door Dash  local restaurant menu; delivery 

Farm Fresh to You produce 800-796-6009 
Good Eggs produce grocery  415-483-7344 
Instacart Grocery Delivery from local stores 888- 246-7822 
Munchery  chef prep meals, daily menu:1hr delivery windows  888-458-5376

Omaha Steaks  800-960-8400 grocery, deli +  877-505-4040

Schwans Food Co frozen 888-724-9267 

Walmart grocery delivery


AudioTreasure (Bibles- some free/ download)

Aurora Ministries-Bible Alliance 

Bartimaeus Alliance of Blind  760 739-1360

Bibles for the Blind and Visually Handicap 

Bible Gateway  look up passages, store

Braille Bibles International braille, large print, audio)  800-522-4253

Care Ministries- for people who are blind  

Church of Jesus Christ -Latter Day Saints

Gospel Light Foundation for Blind  678-475-7879

Guidepost  large print books 800-932-2145

Jewish Braille Institute International 

Lutheran Braille Workers Library for the Blind free Braille and large print Bibles, hymnals 800- 925-6092 

National Catholic Partnership on Disability (NCPD) 

Unitarian Universalist Church

Xavier Society for the Blind  800-637-9193

Whitney Lib for the Blind  Assemblies of God


Disclaimer: BIRD listings do not necessarily imply recommendation.  They are examples of the category and certainly do not represent all that is available. BIRD is intended to assist you in finding the service, equipment, or info you are looking for.  If you find places you think should be included in a future update, please let us know.   BIRD Team:  RP, AS, GB, LH, AJ, BB, JG, SK, MK,  DW

Silicon Valley Council of the Blind  888-652-5333

Vista Center for the Blind & Visually Impaired
Palo Alto 650-858-0202 ex 132; 800-660-2009,
Vista Center Santa Cruz branch 831-458-9766