SVCB Phone Bushtree Message for September, 2023

Picnic Picnic Pique-nique Picknick

That's right, our chapter picnic has arrived. It's Saturday, September 16 from 11 AM to 3 PM.

Below is a message from President Rob Turner:

"When you reach a VTA reservation agent, ask to speak with Bernadette Garcia. If she is unavailable, ask the reservation agent to pass on your name and phone number so that Bernadette can call you back."

"I was told that Bernadette is the reservations manager and does not have a direct extension."

If you can't talk to Bernadette Garcia, remember that the picnic is at:

Martial Cottle Park

5283 Snell Ave

San Jose, CA 95136

Our picnic site is:

Edith Lester

We'll have 15 items up for raffle, so bring some money to buy tickets!

Expect friendship, sociability, fun, prizes, and food!