Vista Center's Back-to-School Fundraiser and Concert

Dear SVCB Members,

Vista Center is partnering with a local Lions Club in West San Jose to host a virtual concert to help fund an important need. With online instruction the new "norm" our youth who are visually impaired are getting left behind. They require specialized instruction and the needed equipment to use. Their equipment for learning, braille displays, magnifying tools and other devices are locked in the school. Vista Center has not stopped our one on one instruction with the youth we serve in CA school districts regardless of no funding to do so.

Please join us in a virtual concert on Saturday September 12 and make a donation. If you are not able to make the minimum amount of $25, then enter any amount in your pledge and you will receive a link to the concert. See below and attached and join in the fun! If you have any questions, please call Alice Turner at 650-388-0095.

Alice T.