(Available for free viewing at http://www.diversityworld.com/Disability/vid.htm )


10 Small Business Mistakes -

clarifies some basic misunderstandings that small employers commonly hold about the ADA. (Department of Justice - 13 Minutes)


Access to Technology in the Workplace: In Our Own Words -

employees with a variety of disabilities describe how they use computers and promote the provision of accessible electronic and information technology in

the workplace. (DO-IT - 12 Minutes)


Accessibility: Technology for Everyone -

features six professionals with disabilities pursuing successful and satisfying careers in business and government using a wide range of accessible technology.

(Microsoft - 16 Minutes)


A Hire Vision - "

What Employers Want to Know About Hiring Visually Impaired Workers” promotes the benefits of hiring workers who are blind or have low vision. (American

Foundation for the Blind - 7 Minutes)


Disability: Dispelling the Myths -

covers people with disabilities as a pipeline of qualified workers, using the workforce system to support accommodation, and meeting the challenges of employee

training and promotion. (U.S. Chamber of Commerce - 1 Hour)


Employment 101 -

hear about how to hire people with disabilities and access resources to better meet the growing need of business for a skilled workforce. (U.S. Chamber

of Commerce - 1 Hour)


Finding Gold: Hiring the Best and the Brightest -

employers in cooperative education, internship, and other work-based learning programs show how to fully include participants with disabilities. (DO_IT

- 7 Minutes)


Oregon Business Leadership Network -

featuring a number of folks with disabilities and their employers, this video demonstrates how people with disabilities can be successful in the workplace.


QuickTime Player -

12 Minutes)


Put Ability to Work in the 21st Century -

profiles a partnership  between SunTrust Bank, Manpower, and Virginia Commonwealth University to create employment opportunities for people with disabilities.

(WorkSupport.com - 9 minutes)


Telecommuting and People with Disabilities -

Debra Ruh, C.E.O. of TecAccess. Over 75% of the staff at TecAccess are people with disabilities. Ms. Ruh describes how TecAccess has used technology to

make the company more efficient. (WorkSupport.com - 35 Minutes)


The Business Case For Employing People with Disabilities -

Testimonials by twelve employers representing companies like McDonalds, Booz, Allen, & Hamilton, Bender Consulting, and Microsoft (WorkSupport.com - 5 to

10 minutes each)


World Wide Access: Accessible Web Design -

shows how to make web pages accessible to people with disabilities. - It is particularly useful for self-instruction or group training for people who design

and support websites and/or teach web design classes. (DO_IT - 10 Minutes)



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Access to the Future -

college career development staff share ideas for making services and programs accessible to students with disabilities (DO_IT - 14 Minutes)


Crossing the Bridge -

Documentary of Nick's Copy Service - a young man with a developmental disability who is self-employed. (

U of Tennessee Center on Disability -

4 Minutes)


Discovering Employment Resources

demonstrates how One Stop organizations can effectively serve people with disabilities - features the Illinois Employment and Training Center. ( 11 Minutes)


Making One Stop Facilities and Services Accessible -

Presenter: Marian Vessels, Director of the ADA and IT Information Center for the Mid-Atlantic Region. (WorkSupport.com - 57 Minutes)


Supported Employment & Individuals with Psychiatric Disabilities -

 presented by Laurie Ford - nationally recognized for her extensive knowledge about employment services for people with mental illness, and for her innovative,

high quality training approaches. (WorkSupport.com - 3 Minutes)



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ADA Signing Ceremony -

documents the speech given by President George H. W. Bush when he signed the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) into law on July 26, 1990. (George Bush

Presidential Library - 22 Minutes.)


Future Outlook of Spinal Cord Injury and Employment -

Presentation by Lex Frieden - Senior Vice President at TIRR (The Institute for Rehabilitation and Research) in Houston, Texas. (WorkSupport.com - 5 Minutes)


It's Your Career -

college students with disabilities tell about work-based learning experiences and show how to gain access to these opportunities. (DO_IT - 12 Minutes)


PASS Program -

overview of the Social Security Program's Plan for Achieving Self-Support - and how it can be used to save money for education, vocational training, or

start-up funds for a business. (Institute for Child Health Policy - 12 Minutes)


Taking Control: "

Career Tips for People with Disabilities" provides excellent, practical strategies for obtaining active, gainful employment. (Infinitec 23 Minutes)


Ticket to Work Program -

overview of the Social Security Program's Ticket To Work initiative. (Institute for Child Health Policy - 12 Minutes)



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The ADA Game -

players take on the role of advocates for disability rights and work together to improve compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) in their

virtual communities.


At Your Service: Welcoming Customers with Disabilities -

online course in meeting the customer service needs of customers with disabilities.


LEGACY Diversity Training -

a training system to equip One-Stop staff and their partners with the skills needed to provide high quality workforce development services to persons with




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